Kellogg Center

Big Ten Conference Room

 "The Impact of Civility "

REVISED 4-24-2019

8-8:45am                                Registration   Main Lobby  Big Ten Conference Rm.

Edgell Turnquist                   Welcome
Michael Reeber       

8:50-9:50am                           Charlie Ballard, Economist, MSU

                                                Impact of Civility on the Economy vs How it affect Labor Management Relationships

10:00-10:30am                         Governor Gretchen Whitmer,

                                                Keynote Speaker

1:35-10:50am                         Break

10:50-11:50am                       Schools-Community-Social Media

                                                Chandra Madafferi, V.P. Michigan Education Association

                                                Workplace Civility
                                                Dr. Keith Levick, Goren and , Inc.Associates  

11:50-12:35pm                       Lunch

12:35-1:35                              Impact of Civility on Personal Health

                                                Kent Sharkey, President & CEO, Ulliance, Inc.

                                                Impact of Civility on the Economy

                                                Robert Chiaravalli, Strategic Labor& Human Resources 

1:35-2:55pm                         Round Table Discussions on (FOUR TOPICS)
                                               repeat every 20 minutes

                                               1)  Impact of Civility on the Economy, Robert Chiaravalli
                                               2)  Civility in the Workplace, Dr. Keith Levick
                                               3)  Social Media and Civility, Chandra Madafferi
                                               4)  Civility and Personal Health, Kent Sharkey

2:55-3:05PM                          Short Break

3:05pm                                   Awards:  Collaborative Leader Award

                                                   Dr Glenn Maleyko, Superintendent Dearborn Schools
                                                   Cindy Estrada, International Union, UAW  V.P.
                                                   Amy Heisser, Co-Chair MALMC, Arconic Direct Human Resources
                                                   Shelly Fox, Retired Director MALMC / MLMA Coordinator/Treasure


3:30pm                                   Networking // Reception


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Conference Brochure

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 We are going through a complete re-building process!

We're looking to expand Michigan's ALMC (Area Labor Management Committees)  Currently there are Three ALMC in Michigan Kalamazoo, Muskegon and Upper Peninsula. We are looking for interest in the following areas, Oakland, Wayne, Macomb, and Genesee Counties. If your interested in starting up a Labor Management Committee in one of these areas we will provide some training opportunities to help reach your goals. We have many trainers in the Labor Management field and Mike and I are willing to come by and talk about the start up of these committees.